Building Automation System Services

//Building Automation System Services

There are different factors that determine the quality standard of a living place. Some such factors are temperature, humidity, security, etc. Hence, our company Vacker UAE provides different kinds of building automation System services in UAE that helps to maintain the comfortable living standard in homes, offices, industries, etc. The different cities where we provide our building automation system services are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain, Sharjah and Fujairah. We are a highly experienced company in providing services related to the building automation system and have highly skilled expert personnel working in this field.

Introduction to Building Automation

Building Automation System Services Vacker UAE

As we already know that there are certain factors or parameters that occur naturally in a living space. Furthermore, these parameters may not be of the right criteria or out of criteria for a comfortable living for human or animals. Hence, these parameters can be manipulated with the help of a building automation system to bring the parameters to the criteria of comfortable level. An automatic centralized system that can control the different systems such as air conditioning, heating, lighting, ventilation and various other systems is known as building automation.

The main reasons for installing a Building Automation System are:

  • To improve the living condition of a living space
  • To conserve energy and time
  • For the efficient operation of different systems in the living space.
  • To reduce the operation cost of different systems
  • To improve security in the living space.
  • It also helps in fault detection in systems

Building automation is a distributed control system which consists of a network of computer which is capable of monitoring and controlling systems such as lighting, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, security etc.

Smart Home or Smart Building

The home or building that has building automation system installed in them is known as smart home or smart building. They are also commonly known as intelligent building. Generally, during installation of building automation system for industrial purpose we follow the BACnet protocol while for homes proprietary protocols like x-10 is widely followed.

Building Management System Protocol

The different components of a system use a certain set of basic rules and communication language for operating which is known as protocol. While we already know the general protocol used in industrial buildings is BACnet other popular protocols are KNX, Modbud, Lonworks, x-10. Manufactures from different sectors can develop components for KNX protocol hence it is known as an open protocol.

Building Automation System Services for our Clients

We help our customers to decide the requirement for their building automation system. Then we provide equipment and expert personnel for installing or upgrading the building automation system as required. We recommend our customers to install and upgrade automation system within reasonable price without compromising with the quality and features of the system.

Our experts provide following comprehensive services to our customer who are looking to install the building automation system in their home:

  • Analyze the requirement of control needs and automation monitoring of the building.
  • Specification of function
  • Designing and implementing the required network
  • Management of project
  • Training
  • Support